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One thing we get asked about a lot here at Lekto is the size of our products.

You could have a fireplace, a log burner or a chiminea, but if the wood fuel you require does not fit your specific appliance, it can be a rather frustrating experience.

Here, we take a closer look at how our Heat Logs and Night Briquettes can be accessible for any home's fireplace.

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With the turn of the year comes a stronger desire to stay indoors more nights.

So, while you may have been chilly while out and about during the day – at work, in the car, at the shops – there’s no need to feel the cold in front of your own fireplace.

And, as the hearth comes alive with the fire of Lekto night briquettes or heat logs, the rest of your fireplace (mantelpiece and chimney breast included) can look its finest as Autumn and then, Winter, really comes into their own.

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