What’s The Best Wood Fuel for Wood-Burning Fire Pit Tables?

Wood burning in a concrete fire pit table

If you’ve picked up the latest outdoor furniture catalog and have become enamored with the sleek design and luxury practicality of fire pit garden tables, you’re certainly not alone.

As the biggest trend in outdoor furniture and garden decor, wood-burning fire pit tables combine the best of both worlds with effortless elegance: the utility of an outdoor fire pit and the stylish design of a modern garden table, crafted with the needs of your family and guests in mind. Coming in a variety of materials, colours, and designs, today’s fire pit tables can easily suit any garden style, whether you’re looking to add a more rustic feel to your yard or incorporate a more minimalistic and modern atmosphere to your outdoor space.

Before you dive straight into redecorating and start planning your first big garden cookout for the warmer season ahead, you should first make sure you’re fully informed about what types of wood fuel are going to work best for your new table.

Choosing the wrong type of firewood could quickly turn your fun evening hangout into a cookout nightmare, so a good understanding of what makes fire pits tick and how different wood fuels will react with your trendy piece of furniture should be at the top of your priority list!

In this article, we want to give you all the tips you may need when picking firewood for your fire pit table, so you can invest in only the best wood fuels for your needs and enjoy a hassle-free and safe burn with minimal appliance maintenance.

What NOT To Burn In Your Fire Pit Table

Before we dive into our picks for the best types of wood fuel to use in your fire pit table, let’s first clarify what you should not be burning to ensure your cosy night out is as enjoyable as you want it to be.

You should never burn wet firewood or any type of wood that’s not been properly seasoned beforehand, so as to avoid excessive smoke, unreliable burns, and the release of dangerous pollutants that are not only harming your safety and appliances, but also our environment.

teen in the backyard enjoying a fire pit and marshmallow

With a national ban on burning unseasoned wood coming into full effect this year, more and more consumers are already rethinking their wood-burning choices, so making sure you’re fully informed on the dangers of burning unseasoned firewood is fundamental to ensure the safety of your home and the durability of your table.

In addition to avoiding wet wood, you should also steer clear of soft wood types such as pine and cedar, as they tend to burn too quickly while producing a whole lot more smoke than hard wood types.

Excessive smoke will not only ruin the relaxing fireside atmosphere you’re after and turn your cookout into a smoke-filled nightmare but also damage the fire pit overtime, as excessive creosote buildup can blacken wood-burning fire pit tables well before their time is due!

The Best Wood Fuels For Fire Pit Garden Tables

So, what wood fuel should you stock up on instead to ensure an optimal fire-burning performance, every time you’re in the mood for a garden hangout?

Hardwoods such as oak, birch, and beech are usually recommended for cookout lovers looking to add a smokey, yet subtly sweet flavour to the food they’re grilling, as they are the best wood fuels for preserving the authentic taste of food, releasing a pleasant aroma, and ensuring minimal smoke throughout.
You should only consider only using seasoned, extra-dry wood fuel products that are guaranteed to produce a high heat output, create a consistent, reliable flame, and leave minimal ash behind.

Our top pick has to be Lekto’s kiln-dried beech firewood, made from sustainable birch wood that’s been carefully seasoned to achieve a moisture level of below 20%, ideal for clean, environmentally sustainable, and long-lasting outdoor burns. Coming in 100% plastic-free packaging, these logs are incredibly easy to handle and store, so you can easily move them around every time you’re about to go relax with your loved ones around the fire.

Friends sitting around a firepit table at night

If you’re looking for a more rustic look and a higher heat output, our Kiln Dried Oak Firewood is also an excellent choice for those who wish to use a beautiful, sturdy firewood crate as part of their refreshed garden decor.

Finally, our Hardwood Heat Logs are also a great choice for those looking for the highest amount of heat in an extra compact product, ideal for keeping you warm well through the night while ensuring your fire is easy to light and care for.

A Safe & Reliable Burn Guaranteed, Every Time

Once you’re set on your pick of seasoned firewood, you’ll also want to stock up on some other fire-burning essential, like kiln-dried fire kindling and natural firelighters, to guarantee an easier, virtually hassle-free wood-burning experience throughout.

Your fire pit table is now ready to be used time and time again through the coming spring and summer, and as long as you make sure to stick to a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, you’ll always be guaranteed to be safe, cosy, and satisfied.

Looking for the best place to get everything you need for trendy wood-burning fire pit tables? Then you should look no further than the Lekto Wood Fuels range of wood fuels: always extra dry, always eco-conscious, and always safe and convenient for all your fire-burning appliances!