The Benefits Of Using Lekto Night Briquettes

The Benefits Of Using Lekto Night Briquettes

Looking for ways to keep warm this winter but don’t want to put the heating on?

Placing firewood on your log burner may be tempting, but that will mean you have to keep getting up to tend to it. So, if you want to relax for the evening or if you’d like to keep the fire going overnight and make sure your home is warm in the morning, Night Briquettes are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to achieve that.

What are Night Briquettes?

Sourced from sustainable forests, Lekto Night Briquettes are made from natural softwood bark, making them eco-friendly and the perfect heat output for long burns. Our briquettes burn longer than any other wood fuel in the market! Try 20kg Mini pack and see for yourself!

How long do Lekto Night Briquettes burn for?

We are proud that our Briquettes are 100% chemical free, making them safe to burn for up to 8 hours. This ensures your living space is warm for longer. Now is the best time to stock up and prepare for the upcoming heating season.

Can I just use Lekto Night Briquettes on my wood burner?

Our Briquettes are incredibly versatile. As well as wood burners, they can be used on log burner stoves, chimineas and sheltered fire pits.

They work perfectly well on their own, but for a little extra warmth, Lekto Night Briquettes can beautifully compliment Hardwood Heat Logs or traditional firewood.

As the Autumn turns to Winter and the nights get significantly colder, all night briquettes can provide warmth for longer and in the most environmentally friendly way. Lekto Night Briquettes will keep you warm even during the coldest winter! If you haven’t tried our long burning briquettes before now is the best time to order 20kg Mini pack! We offer fast delivery across the UK! Order now and beat the price increase!

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