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Burning Heat Logs Give Wood-Heating Homeowners Several Advantages

​UK homeowners who use wood as their source for keeping warm through the winter are learning the many advantages of burning briquettes. In case you are unfamiliar with this ever-increasing wood-burning phenomenon, here are several positive aspects to heating your home with our briquettes:

  • Better Environmentally – Our hardwood heatlogs and bark briquettes are made from the sawmill by-products of sawdust and bark bits that are compressed using pressure high enough to link the lignite in the wood, so no binding material is added to this 100% wood product. You use a carbon neutral heating source, since the carbon dioxide (CO2) released while burning briquettes equals the same amount of CO2 absorbed by the tree during growth.
  • Lower Moisture Content – The very best firewood logs dried for several months reach a 20% moisture content level. Wet firewood skyrockets moisture levels to over 50%. The highest moisture content of our heat logs is a tiny 9%. Dryer wood in your heater equals a hotter burn, resulting in fewer contaminants emitted through your flue and chimney. Burning our briquettes means less pollution enters the air from your wood heater. It also leads to cleaner walls inside your flue and chimney, since contaminants leading to creosote and soot are burned, instead of depositing on flue and chimney surfaces. Another plus with low moisture is more heat. A pound of our briquettes produces 50% more heat than a pound of firewood.
  • Consistent Reliability – Firewood logs vary. Different wood types possess varying densities. There are even differences from top branches of the same tree, compared to split pieces derived from the trunk. The weight and packaging of our heat logs is exactly the same, so you can expect the same excellent heating results from every log you burn.
  • Cleanliness – Firewood logs are messy. Haul a load of firewood into the house and you’re sure to see a trail of bark, sawdust, and wood bits on the floor and all over you. Firewood ends will stick out from the wall in varying lengths. Wear gloves, or the firewood will surely add splinters to your fingers. Our heat logs are uniformly smooth and covered with clean, clear bags. There’s no need for gloves. Since the heat logs are exactly the same dimension, they stack easily and in a smaller space than firewood logs.
  • Ash – The hot burn resulting from lower moisture in our heat logs means there is less ash left in your wood heater. Ash left from the sawdust amounts to just 1%, while 4.5% turns to ash from bark in our briquettes. Burn our heat logs and ash removal drops significantly. Ash that you do remove makes excellent fertiliser on your garden.
Since heat logs burn hotter, giving you more heat, with fewer levels of pollution, putting lower amounts of creosote and soot on your flue and chimney, resulting in less ash, they are the best value for the money.

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