Natural Firelighters Mini Pack 32 Pieces

Natural Firelighters Mini Pack 32 Pieces

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This exclusive Natural Fire Lighters Mini Pack contains 32 firelighter pieces.

Why waste time trying to light your fire with old fashioned firelighters when you can use a source that’s both easy to light and 100% natural? Lekto Woodfuels’ Natural Firelighters will make lighting your fire a breeze rather than a chore. Made from wood shavings compressed into cylindrical briquettes, these firelighters will burn for up to 10 minutes and produce a strong, reliable flame. Use these firelighters for:

  • Home Hearths & Open Fires
  • Wood Stoves
  • Fire Pits, Chimineas & BBQs
  • Grills & Pizza Ovens
  • Camp Fires

>>Try together with extra hot Lekto Hardwood Heat Logs<<


Why Use Natural Firelighters?

These firelighters are made from 100% natural wood shavings sourced from sustainable, responsibly managed forests. To aid combustion they have a thin coating of paraffin wax. This means they contain no synthetic elements, so you have no unnatural smells when you start your fire.

Easy Way To Start Fires: Once lit, these firelighters produce a strong flame that makes lighting your fire or stove really simple.

Long Burning Time: Each firelighter will burn for around 8-10 minutes, so you’ll only need one firelighter each time.

Sustainably Sourced: The wood shavings used for these firelighters are natural and environmentally friendly, unlike other fire-lighting options such as lighting fluids or chemically enhanced briquettes.

Large Packs for Great Value: Each pack includes 200 firelighters and you’ll now get an extra 50 free in each box.

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