Lekto Night Briquettes
Lekto Night Briquettes
Lekto Night Briquettes

Lekto Night Briquettes

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Lekto Night Briquettes are designed for a long and slow burn for up to 8 hours. They burn with cozy warmth - which solves the problem of overnight heating. Ever had to pause a movie to keep up with the work of a fire? Our Night Briquettes require such little maintenance - eliminating that problem! They are ideal when you are heading to bed, or trying to get warm without having to attend to the fire.

Our Night Briquettes made made from 100% pure softwood bark which has been compressed. Packed in clean and compact 12kg packages, our briquettes are a perfect complement to hardwood heat logs or firewood. Night Briquettes fit 99% of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, each briquette is sized at approximately 155mm x 120mm x 70mm and weighs 1 kg. Briquettes must be stored in a dry area without direct contact to moisture.

We highly recommend our briquettes for enclosed appliances (wood and multi-fuel stoves) where the airflow can be adjusted. Night Briquettes are not a smokeless fuel but can be used in smoke controlled areas if used on a DEFRA approved appliance.

To achieve the longest burning time, we recommend putting 2-3 Night Briquettes into the fire just before any flames go out and whilst embers are still glowing red. You must then leave the air intake open and allow the briquettes to ignite, when they have caught fire, air intake should be reduced to minimal.


    • Burning time for up to 8 hours.
    • Great for easy overnight burn.
    • Moisture content below 9%.
    • Night Briquettes keep their shape during combustion.
    • Less briquettes to store as you will use less as they last longer.
    • Consistent briquettes sizes means you know exactly what you're getting.
    • Compact packaging which makes them easy to stack.
    • Environmentally friendly—no chemical additives added during the production, ash can be used as fertilizer in garden as it is 100% natural.