7+1 Kiln Dried Logs and Heat Logs Special Deal

7+1 Kiln Dried Logs and Heat Logs Special Deal

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In this Special Deal you will receive 7 boxes of Kiln Dried Logs and 1 FREE Mini Pack of Hardwood Heat logs.

Our Kiln Dried Logs are made from hardwood birch logs have less than 20% moisture content. This means the logs can burn more cleanly, producing less smoke and more heat than wet wood.

We are one of the first companies to move away from single-use plastic packaging for kiln dried logs. You can buy our logs with peace of mind knowing that your kiln dried wood is not only good for your fireplace, but for the planet as well.

Each kiln dried logs box weighs between 8-10kg. Wood is a natural product, so it’s not always easy to determine the weight of each box!

Our Hardwood Heat Logs is our top seller because they are reliable, well made high quality product which are approved by many customers. Extra dry with a moisture content below 9%. They have high heating value which means rooms heat up faster and get warmer faster.  They are really Easy to light. They have Consistent log size and reliable burn. Our Heat Logs have Bright and beautiful flame and their calorific Value is: 5.15kWh/kg.

Each Hardwood Heat Logs mini pack contains 10 heat logs and weighs 20kg.