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Why Heat Logs?

Using our heat logs as a fuel is an easy and convenient solution when burned in all types of solid biofuel burners. After comparing heat logs with other wood fuels, the main benefits are:

  • Humidity – Heat logs are always dry. Their moisture level is only as high as 8%, while well-dried firewood comes in at 20%. This is an important factor, because the higher levels of moisture that any heating fuel contains means you feel less heat coming off the fuel. High-moisture wood fuel also burns slower and fills your flue with creosote and soot. Low-moisture heat logs are always ready to use.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Sawdust heat logs are eco-friendly. They are made from by-products (pure sawdust or bark) of the sawmill industry. No chemical additives or binding materials are used in their production. Heat logs are a carbon-neutral fuel. While burning with heat logs, the amount of CO2 emitted is no greater than the amount the tree absorbs during its growth cycle.
  • Reliable Product – By purchasing heat logs, you will always receive what you ordered, because the weight and quality for each package of heat logs is constant and does not vary from one package to the next. Each piece of these heat logs comes to you in the same size, weight, and shape. Each heat log has the same burning characteristics, and our customers become quite proficient at burning them.
  • Packaging – Heat logs are packed in simple, clean, transparent plastic bags. They are easy to stack and store. Heat logs require significantly less storage space than other wood fuels.
  • Ash – Heat logs produce very little ash. Their actual ash content equals around 1% from sawdust, and about 4.5% from bark. Since our heat logs are produced without adding any binding materials, the resulting ash from this product can be used as a fertilizer in your gardens.
  • Value for the Money – Heat logs are economical to use, they last longer than any firewood, they burn steadily, and they produce even, intense heat.

Want to try heat logs but not sure where to start? Try our product samples, we offer free delivery for all sample orders.


  • Yes, they are suitable for woodburners. Each briquette is sized at approximately 155mm x 120mm x 70mm and weighs 1 kg.

    Lekto Woodfuels
  • Please could you tell me if the sawdust and the bark logs are suitable for a woosburner? Also could you please tell me their dimensions as my woodburning stove is quite small.
    Thank you. Su P

    Su Pietrzak

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