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Getting ready for winter in 5 easy energy efficient ways



The great thing about getting ready for winter is you get many chances to do it right. Year after year, winter arrives. While there might be some slight changes in when it comes or its severity, you can rest assured that sooner or later winter will be here.

If you’re looking to save on your energy bills for this coming winter, keep the 5 tips below in mind. They can go a long way in shaving substantial pounds off your total winter energy budget.

Start wearing sweaters early

Regardless of when winter arrives in your area, you and your family can get used to wearing sweaters. By becoming accustomed to heat-boosting clothing early on, the initial ‘shock’ of the winter cold won’t hit your family hard. In addition to winters, wear quilt or wool caps to conserve even more body heat. Accordingly, you won’t have to turn on your heater the first few weeks of winter.

Eat more meals in your kitchen

For obvious reasons, one of the hottest rooms in your home is the kitchen. This is especially true if you or other members of your family prepare lots of home-cooked meals. Don’t let the heat you use for food preparation go to waste. Set up meals in your kitchen or as close to your kitchen so your oven’s radiated heat can warm everyone up as they enjoy their food. Give your living or dining room’s radiator a break and save quite a bit of money.

Get ready for winter by weatherproofing your home

Before winter hits, apply weather sealant to your windows and other openings in your home. Weather sealant, in the form of rubber strips or other materials, go a long way in ensuring that your home’s heat remains indoors for as long as possible. Without this seal, heat will constantly ‘leak’ and you will end up spending more on firewood.

Make it a point to trap sunlight

You don’t have to buy and install expensive solar panels for your home to benefit from the sun’s energy. During the day, raise the shades of your home and part your curtains. Let the sun shine in as much as possible. This sunlight can heat the air in your home. After 4 PM or thereabouts, close all your windows to trap the heat indoors. While the internal temperature of your home will continue to sink after sunset, at least your interior would be warmer than if you just kept your shades down the whole day.

Buy high quality and low moisture content wood fuels

Look into buying  high density heat logs or kiln-dried hardwood logs. Low moisture wood fuels burn for a longer time  and provide higher heat output. Our bark briquettes can keep your fire running for up to 8 hours and reduce your log consumption. Find out your favourite wood fuels by trying one of our product samples.

Use all the tips above together to  save on your energy bills. Whether you want to shave off several pounds from your wood fuel expenses, these tips can help you and your family have a warmer and more cost-effective winter season.

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